Here we are

I’ve always been indecisive and uncertain. My blog has changed host-hands more times than I can count (a lie: it’s actually three) before I even had the inclination to keep them alive. They are empty spores, floating through the internet space without ever being seen. Why is that? Is it because I’m unhappy with my work, unhappy with these sites, or have I simply stopped caring? I hope not. Clearly I just need a pointed kick to the backside.

As for introductions: this is me. A fiction and poem-farter of words that make little sense in the long-run; they merely exist. Many are inspired by literature and film.

I am currently looking to the future (hoping to spot the elusive work-bird with faulty binoculars). Let’s hope, with all uncertainty, that this one sticks. If it does stick, I send my love out to all future readers. Vamanos.


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