Director Rube Cosma has gone missing: two weeks after the showing of his controversial documentary ‘Ode to Time’, an anti-present love-letter to the early 21st Century, at the 2100 [copyright] Film Festival. Cosma is a filmmaker well known in underground cinema for  his resistance to the holographic movement of the 50s and his staunch love for anti-present literature. ‘Ode to Time’ is a rare look at early 21st Century Life, utilising footage of its denizens’ bizarre lives. Ever since the Department of Present Activities registered the iAge as “less than important” in 2091, officially marking it as the closest-to-us era to be “historically and culturally un-remembered”, the iAge has been off-limits. Critics quietly applauded Cosma’s bravery while simultaneously calling him a “sentimental fool”. The film was quickly banned and seized by the DPA and Cosma was placed on the watch-list. Representative of the DPA Juan Mirabel stated in a press conference: “The present and future is ever upon us and we cannot afford to be looking backwards. Cosma’s act of nostalgia is unfortunate, but we shall endeavor to continue without hesitation to protect society from the mistakes of the past.”

Authorities have declined to comment on the details of his disappearance, but have assured us they are doing all they can to rectify the issue. Partner Ilma Cosma has issued a negotiable reward for any information regarding his whereabouts, stating “we all just want him home safe.”


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